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Dream Satellite TV on Agila 2 at 146.0°E

Dream Satellite TV © Lyngemark Satellite, last updated 2008-09-05 -

12301 H
tp 6

SR 25600
FEC 5/6

E-Talk116080 Ku
ABS-CBN Channel 2216184 Tag
NBN (Philippines)316288 Tag
TV 5 (Philippines)416392 Tag
GMA 7516496 Tag
RPN 96165100 Tag
IBC 137166104 Tag
Studio 238167108 Tag
MTV Philippines9168112
The Mabuhay Channel10169116

Radio Crossroads201

Classic Blend202
The Edge Radio203
Catholic Media Network204
283 E
Dream FM205
284 E
BBC Asian Network206
IFM 93.9207
RJ 100208
DWNU 107.5 FM209
RMN News AM210
12541 H
tp 18

SR 25600
FEC 5/6
ESPN Philippines2516.80 EKu
Discovery Travel & Living SE Asia2616184
ETC (Philppines)2716288 E
HBO Asia2816392 E
Cinemax Asia2916496
Star Movies International30165100
TCM Asia31166104 E
CNBC Asia32167108
DW-TV33168112 G/E
Animal Planet SE Asia34169116
National Geographic Channel Philippines35170120
2nd Avenue36171124 E
Solar Sports37172128 E
MBC (South Korea)38173132 K
12581 H
tp 20

SR 25600
FEC 5/6
Living Asia Channel1116080 EKu
TV Maria1216184
Cartoon Network Philippines1316288
Nickelodeon Philippines1416392
Animax Philippines1516496
Star World Philippines16165100
AXN Philippines17166104
Hallmark Channel Asia18167108
Discovery Channel SE Asia19168112
CNN International Asia Pacific20169116 E
BBC World News21170120 E
Australia Network Asia22171124 E
Dream Cinema23172128
Star Sports South East Asia24173132 E
Dream Satellite TV © Lyngemark Satellite, last updated 2008-09-05 -

Google adds video sharing to Apps

Google bolstered its Google Apps suite with new YouTube-like video sharing capabilities called Google Video for Business. Available at no extra cost to Google Apps Premier users, the new feature lets users easily upload, edit and share videos across an enterprise.
Since the new service is available via the browser, including Safari on the iPhone, it should make disseminating videos within enterprises far easier, and thus, more popular. Google envisions several corporate uses for the new functionality, including company communications (instead of static e-mail), as well as training and how-tos. As a security precaution, however, video sharing outside the enterprise is curtailed. Google says the videos can only be shared within an enterprise's own domain and there is no public "post to YouTube" function.
Google Apps Premier users get 3GB of video storage per user account, although each video is limited to a maximum of 300MB. The service is currently available from the Google Apps control panel.

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Privacy feature in IE8 leaks private data

HAARLEM, NETHERLANDS - A privacy feature built into the second beta version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 browser isn't as private as advertised.The InPrivate Browsing feature in Microsoft's latest browser is designed to delete a user's browsing history and other personal data that is gathered and stored during regular browsing sessions. The feature is commonly referred to as 'porn mode' for its ability to hide which websites have been visited from nosy spouses or employers.Forensic experts however found it trivial to retrieve the history, according to a test by Webwereld, an IDG affiliate in the Netherlands, and Fox IT, a Dutch firm specializing in IT security and forensic research."The privacy option in this beta is mainly cosmetic. For a forensic investigator, retrieving the browsing history should be regarded as peanuts," said Christian Prickaerts, forensic IT expert with Fox IT.To prevent login details, online orders and other sensitive information from leaking out, the privacy feature prevents Internet Explorer 8 beta 2 from storing any cookies. The browser furthermore refrains from storing the browsing history in the Windows registry.But researchers were able to retrieve data displaying general information about the browser's behavior. Although URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) aren't stored, Prickaerts was still able to restore the browsing history. "The remaining records in the history file still enable me to deduce which websites have been visited," said Prickaerts.Even more data is stored in the browser's cache, a feature designed to speed up performance of websites by storing a copy of recently accessed information on a user's hard disk. InPrivate Browsing failed to disable this feature. Users seeking a higher level of privacy could manually delete the cache, but it can later easily be retrieved through commonly available forensic tools.The shortcomings in InPrivate Browsing put the level of privacy protection in Internet Explorer 8 on a par with Firefox 2 and 3. The open source browser allows users to delete all private data, but does that by merely deleting files. Those too can easily be retrieved. Developers have crafted plugins for Firefox which mitigate the risk of information leaks.Microsoft's main goal with InPrivate Browsing is to prevent other users of the same computer to gain access to the browsing history, the company said in an e-mail response. The feature isn't designed to protect a user's privacy from security experts and forensic researchers, the company said.

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